Subjective Documentary

In my pictures I want to tell storys about people and places.

By capturing the atmosphere und unexpected details I want to point out what makes them unique and how I experienced the situation I encountered them.

This approach aims to create authentic images that make issues comprehensible.


Being a photographer is a great pleasure to me.

Each comission brings new challenges and surprises.

Being able to cope with them and to understand the clients´ needs is very crucial to my work.


Hartmut Nägele

Born 1971 in Stuttgart, Hartmut Nägele lives with his family in Düsseldorf, Germany.

He studied Communications Design / Photography at the University GH Essen, Germany and

at the San Francisco Art Institute, USA.

Since his final degree in 1997 he works as a freelance photographer focussed on portrait, architecture and industry photography.

His pictures appear in magazines, corporate publications and advertising campaigns.

His personal projects are exhibited internationally.


For international commissions he is represented by Beatrice Mächler Photographen, Zurich




Hartmut Nägele

Silcherstrasse 38

D-40593 Düsseldorf


+49 172 2558258
+49 211 3113396